Find out more about Hotel Palace Berlin

What is the status of your hotel right now?

The Hotel Palace remains open for business travellers. Leisure bookings however are not allowed during this time. The outlets are closed and the F&B team is offering a limited menu.

How are you staying in touch with your employees?

We have a great app for internal communication called IK-up. All the information can be put on there for updates.

How do you motivate your sales team right now?

We are a very close sales team and we have always been in touch with each other through a WhatsApp Group and regular calls. This keeps the team spirit going. Right now, we are taking advantage of the crisis with some renovations taking place at the Hotel Palace Berlin… the walls are getting painted, some rooms are being refurbished, etc. So, we can all look forward to a modernised freshened-up hotel when we come back.

How do you see the future for the rest of the year once the crisis passes?

At the moment, a lot of clients have postponed dates rather than cancelling the events. So, it does look good once this crisis is over.

What are the unique selling points of your hotel?

The Hotel is a privately-owned property and the focus has always been on personal treatment. A lot of employees have been working with the Hotel Palace for more than 20 years and the client feels and appreciates this welcoming connection throughout their stay.

What message do you have to MICE bookers in the UK who will read the interview?

Come and visit the Hotel Palace Berlin once this crisis is over! This city has a lot of buzzing life on offer… culture, art, festivals and fine dining. Check out our beautiful House of Gin with over 150 different types of gin or our exclusive beef45 restaurant with the finest beef prepared “sous-vide”.